Essential tools for Online Learning

Our essential tools will help you to achieve academic goals by providing:  

OLE and iBookcase
Zoom real-time classes
Textbook List

Online Learning Environment (OLE)

  • It is an online portal where learning takes place.
  • The access ID will be the seven digits of your student number.
  • It also supports mobile access via the iBookcase app.

Key Features of OLE

Attend real-time classes on ZOOM

Watch video lectures

Submit Assignments via Turnitin

Download learning materials

View course announcements

Check course timetable

Technical requirements for OLE

Operation system:

PC: Windows 7 or above

Mac: OS X 10.8 or later

Web browser:

Best view on

Firefox       Chrome     Safari         Edge

OUHK iBookcase app

  • It synchronized with the OLE, facilitates learning anytime and anywhere.
  • By downloading the course materials from the iBookcase app to your tablet or smartphone, you can access your course online and offline.
  • The access ID will be the seven digits of your student number.

Key Features of iBookcase app

Synchronization with the OLE

Receive course notifications and reminders

Download course materials

Interactive class activities, such as polling and quizzes

Langauge enhancement e-book

Watch video lectures

Study tools to facilitate learning

Some of the course materials were converted to ePub format (eBook), which embedded with tools for effective learning.

Text to speech

Highlighting and note-taking tools


Interactive activities (e.g. instant feedback)

Mobile Learning Incentive Scheme (2020-21)

In order to engage students in mobile learning via iBookcase, the University will introduce the Mobile Learning Incentive Scheme in the academic year 2020-21. Students who downloaded and used the iBookcase app for learning will be eligible for a HK$500 cash incentive (Terms and conditions apply).

Download iBookcase app

Zoom real-time classes

  • Most of the real-time online classes will take place on ZOOM.
  • Usually, your participation in the Zoom real-time classes is part of the continuous assessment.  

Download and install ZOOM application

You need to download and install the ZOOM application on your mobile device or computer:

To keep your Zoom real-time classes safe and secure, you are advised to:

  • Use the latest version of ZOOM application; and
  • Check for updates

Join a real-time class session on OLE

After installed the ZOOM application on your device, you can join a class session by clicking the ‘Real-time Class’ link on the OLE.  Click ‘Join’ to proceed.


  • You must cite your source whenever you use someone else’s words in your assignments. Otherwise, you may commit plagiarism.
  • In order to check that your submitted assignments are not plagiarized works, you need to submit most of your assignments to Turnitin via the OLE.

Submit your assignments to Turnitin via OLE

You can submit an assignment by clicking the ‘Submission’ button under “Assignment Files” on the OLE. Then, follow the instructions to proceed.

Textbook List

  • Some courses require students to purchase textbooks.
  • You will receive the textbook list and bookstore information at the beginning of the terms.

How can I obtain the textbook list?

Full-time students

The textbook list will be sent to student webmail.

Part-time students

textbook_工作區域 1 複本

The textbook list will be enclosed with the course packs delivered to students

Support and Enquiries

Educational Technology and Development Unit 

General enquiries

Online Learning Environment (OLE) / Turnitin

Telephone: (852) 2768 6454

OUHK iBookcase app

Telephone: (852) 2768 6454

ZOOM real-time class support

(852) 2768 6404 (9:00 – 19:30, Mon – Fri)
(852) 2768 6454 (9:00 – 18:00, Mon – Fri)