Established with a unique role and mission, The Open University of Hong Kong has pioneered the provision of distance learning in Hong Kong which transcends the boundaries of time, space, region and status. By offering a wide variety of higher professional education and lifelong learning opportunities to the Hong Kong population, the OUHK has helped not only upgrade the quality of local manpower, but also turn Hong Kong into a knowledge-based society.

Being a flexible and innovative institution, the OUHK has been moving with the times and addressing society’s needs. In view of the shortage of subsidized university places in Hong Kong in early years, the University responded swiftly by introducing full-time face-to-face programmes. After more than a decade of hard work, our full-time programmes have undergone rapid growth and enjoyed a large-scale expansion.

Over the past 30 years, the OUHK has sailed through ups and downs. But with determination, perseverance and commitment to excellence, the University has overcome many difficulties and challenges. As knowledge is the foundation stone for social development and our future relies much on education, the OUHK will remain firmly committed to nurturing talents for our society and creating infinite possibilities for the future.




Message from the Pro-Chancellor


Pro-Chancellor 副校監

Dr the Hon Charles Lee Yeh-kwong