While Hong Kong continues to invest in first-class infrastructure, innovation and technology in the new century, the Government and the education sector have put a high priority on nurturing talent and boosting the overall competitiveness of its workforce. Keeping a close watch on market trends and emerging opportunities, business education at OUHK has grown significantly in breadth and depth over the years. When the School of Business and Administration was first established, it soon became a popular major provider of business degree studies for adult and distance learners. A new development impetus came in 2001 when full-time on-campus study was introduced. In 2007, the School was renamed The Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration and further expanded to offer a comprehensive suite of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. In recent years, new elements have been injected to create a diverse range of innovative programmes, with a focus on digital business, real estate, sports and eSports management, and sustainable tourism amongst others. All of these courses and programmes were designed with graduates’ employability, competences and career prospects in mind.

The School takes a holistic approach to teaching full-time students: aiming to support personal development, provide real-world practical and training experiences, foster life skills and build networks. This is achieved through a dedicated programme of internships and job shadowing schemes as part of the curriculum. Each year hundreds of students undertake work as interns and trainees in local and overseas corporations. A signature example is the School’s partnership with the Federation of Hong Kong Hotel Owners, which provides nine-month internships for Hospitality Management students. Similar industry engagements are offered to accounting students, giving them the opportunity to acquire authentic experience in KPMG, Deloitte China, PwC HK and other leading accounting firms. Alongside their academic studies, students can benefit from a wide range of out-of-classroom activities including external competitions and on-site services. These are designed to teach and develop leadership, communication skills, creativity, teamwork and problem-solving, both as individuals and together with peers and mentors.

Business and Administration 商管教育:多元專業 着重實踐